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We are not the invisible hand.
We just know how to create what it wants. 

The invisible hand is the force that moves people (individuals and groups alike) to and from trends, fashions, ideas, preferences and products. So we make it our job to know where the invisible hand is pointing and where it will wave the market to next… then we design to that.

Invoking it’s namesake, we are Invisible Hand Design, an Orange County based studio where the newest ideas are forged and offered up to the market, be it for clients, our own brands, or to satisfy our personal creative curiosity.

Attention: As of January 2019 our client book is open for business. If your brand could use a hand please drop us a line and we will be in touch to say hi and get the ball rolling on your project.

Client Work

Businesses small and large have entrusted us with their brand. To refine, reshape and sometimes even re-imagine it. We consider every creative challenge we’re given to be an honor. Through them we are granted a channel by which to leave our invisible mark on the world. Even if what the world sees is just really darn pretty.

D'or Mouse

Hand elevated crownware & apparel.


Connecting the best marketers in the world,
through experience and value.

ML Kishigo

Rebranding a 40 year industry leader.

Callaway Cars

A legendary super car builder deserves
a brand with the power to move you.

Who We’ve Worked With

D¢ENT. Apparel

A premium crypto-lifestyle brand.
Built on blockchain. Powered by influence.

New Agorist Beer Co.

A craft beer brand built by and for the craft lifestyle.

Original IHD Projects

Creativity is like a fountainhead. It’s a natural phenomena that invigorates life. These ventures and case studies are the personal passion projects of our founders which prove that we drink deep of this eternal spring. Sometimes a little too deep.

Our Partner Brands

Arcanum ok!

Written and video musings on design, fashion, trends,
entrepreneurship and anything else we feel like sharing.

BlockChange #1: The Blockchain

Did you know we’re not only branding and design experts… We’re blockchain fanatics too? In an effort to inform those in our network who don’t know much about this emerging technology we are introducing a new video series, BlockChange.

ILJ #1 | Endeavor to Persevere

This is the first in a new video journal series I will be producing in which I share my thoughts, experiences, stories, tools and lessons from being an entrepreneur. In this episode I talk about my family motto "Endeavor to Persevere" and what it means to me in the...

Hello World

No this is not another placeholder WordPress blog post. This, our very first post, marks our launch day! The day we say to the world “Hello!”

Does your brand need a hand?

Go ahead, reach out. You’ll be collecting high-fives in no time!

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