Who We Are

Invisible Hand Design (IHD) was devised to be the home base for a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors undertaken by our forward thinking founders. IHD primarily serves as a design and development studio for a variety of clients. We solve creative challenges across branding, graphics, web and product design.

Additionally, IHD develops and partners with a number of side ventures to fill market needs, and indulge creative impulses.

Our name conjures Adam Smith’s foundational economic principal which uses the metaphor of an “invisible hand” to describe the interactions of individuals within the market. It is as much a force of nature as tides and currents. Hence our juxtaposition of hands and water. Their Tao is one in the same.

Alexander Meyer

Alexander Meyer

Creative Director

Autodidact, polymath, agorist, contrarian (and word snob apparently.) As far as entrepreneurs go Alexander checks all the boxes. In his career he has spent equal time developing an independent practice and launching small businesses as he has in Director roles managing the creative for established companies. 

He created Invisible Hand Design to be the nexus for his passions and pursuits. At the core of that passion is a drive to solve creative problems and provide maximum value for his community.


Zachary Duggan-West

Zachary Duggan-West

Production Director

Zak is a natural born problem solver. Any challenge, any task, and question, he can and will find the best solution. This unique characteristic has equipped him with a broad set of tools, from graphic design, web development and videography, to IT/Systems management.

Now concluding one professional phase as an owner and CFO of a The Duggan Institute of Dentistry, he is opening a new chapter as a key strategist, developer and designer for Invisible Hand.


Sayaka Page

Sayaka Page

Consulting Account/Project Manager

From the 10 mile high view to the nitty-gritty, Sayaka sees it all. Combine that with her super-human organizational abilities and you have yourself a true force of nature.

Operating as an independent business consultant with a residency here at IHD, we shamelessly leverage her expertise to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy of communication between us and our clients.

And in the instance that you need someone to help organize your business, processes and procedures, we’re willing to share.


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